Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday September 5 - Up and at em' with a 6:15 am photoshoot by the pool in swimwear! Later this morning we have a MENC seminar (Mrs. America partnership to keep music in schools) as well as morning, afternoon, and evening rehearsals. Highlights of the day include introductions to Florence Henderson (one of the mc/show hosts) as well as our delegate gift exchange!!

Sunday September 6 - Do you know that the Director of Mrs. KY has a gift for me everyday here at Mrs. America? I am so blessed with such a caring and professional director! My gift today is the CUTEST Mrs. Kentucky t-shirt ;) After opening my gift I head off to hair and make-up to look my best for interview. With interview complete I'm looking forward to the JazzFest at the hotel tonight as well as evening rehearsal.

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  1. Gorgeous group of ladies. It looks like you're having a good time! Savor every moment - it goes by too fast.

    I know tonight is the finals. Good luck!