Saturday, September 12, 2009

Monday September 7 - We are getting so close to the finish! Breakfast is the right way to start the day (the food at this resort is AMAZING). After breakfast its back to rehearsals, then Lunch (YUM!), then more afternoon rehearsals. We are released from rehearsals at 4 pm to undergo hair and make-up for the preliminary Mrs. America show. Deata and Jo Ann make me fabulous and confident to knock em' out at the prelim show tonight! I feel great about my performance ;)

Tuesday September 8 - Today starts out just like yesterday and this afternoon we are released at 4 pm again for hair and make-up. I feel extremely prepared and relaxed after a pep talk from Alan Thicke just as the show begins! I did my ABSOLUTE best ALL evening. Florence Henderson anncounced that I had made the Top 10 at Mrs. America!!! The evenings gets a bit more intense for me as I'm annouced for Top 6! I am the last delegate in the Top 6 to answer my onstage question and I gave it 100%. As I look around at the top 6 am so proud to be in this group of extraordinary women and know that any one of us will make a FANTASTIC Mrs. America 2010! The top 3 are announced (Virginia, Missouri, and Minnesota) and Mrs. Missouri WINS. Congrats to Andrea who is our new Mrs. America 2010 ;) After the pageant the Top 10 are invited to the Presidents suite for an afterparty which was delightful!

Wednesday September 9 - Hubby and I have decided to stay a few extra days at the host hotel in Tucson for a little R & R. We enjoy time in the pool, hot tub, golf course, and a romantic dinner lakeside!

Thursday September 10 - The R & R in AZ continues ;) Cory and I head out for a mountain hike this morning. About 2.4 miles up the trail we come upon a rattlesnake (no joke!)! The hiking adventure stops immediately and we decide to spend the rest of the day at the pool ;)

Friday September 11 - Headed home to Kentucky today! What a wonderful adventure Mrs. America was!

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