Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saturday May 23rd I was crowned and didn't eat dinner until midnight. I was too excited and had too much to say to eat! It was great to meet with Mrs. Kentucky sponsors, family, and friends post pageant.

Sunday May 24th I was up and ready for hair and makeup at 8 am. Luckily the short hair doesn't take long and we could all "sleep in" a bit. Photo shoot wrapped up at 12:30 pm and was an absolute blast with the entire team!

Monday May 25th I was welcomed home and surprised by my Jazzercise Center members with a fully decorated CONGRATULATIONS Jazzercise studio :)

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  1. Christy, I just wanted to say "Congratulations!" As a former contestant (Missouri 96), this is the time of year that I always watch the Mrs. America website for the new group of ladies. I was excited when I saw you were Mrs. Kentucky, because I loved you when you were Mrs. Globe. (Hey, us short-haired gals have to stick together - ha!). I want to wish you "Good Luck" at Mrs. America. I now live in Washington DC and also have a blog. I'm going to connect your blog to mine, so people can follow along on this journey with you. I have about an average of 120 hits a day on my blog. So, hopefully, some of them will mosey on over to see Mrs. Kentucky 2009.

    Keep up with your blogging because once people see you keep an on-line diary, you'll have faithful follower, and most important, post lots of pictures.

    Kathie Truitt