Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday August 15 - The family and I are back in the Derby City today for the Mrs. Kentucky 2009 sendoff party! The event is SO amazing - thank you Denise for hosting this beautiful event;)and to QM for organizing! I recieved many goodies to ease my travels and stay at Mrs. America. I appreciate all the former Mrs. KY's for their advice, support, and inspiration. The food at this event - absolutely delish!!!!

Sunday August 16 - Todays starts early will full hair and make-up at Jr.'s Salon as we prepare for mock interview day! Mrs Indiana 2009 Julie T. and I meet up (LOVE HER!) for a full scale Mrs. America style interview session. This was an extremely valuable experience. The feedback will truly help at Mrs. America interviews.

Monday August 17 - Rise and Shine!!! I'm up early for a WLEX News feature at my Jazzercise studio (5:30 AM) featuring the 1 DAY SALE. My studio welcomed 21 new members today -- super excited to see all these new faces in class.

Tuesday August 18 - Mrs. America office announces roomates for Mrs. America week! I'm thrilled with my beautiful roomie and can't wait to meet her - nope, not telling ;)

Thursday August 20 - I head to the the SKIRT magazine August After Work Party tonight at Bakers 360 (new Lexington hostspot on the top floor of the Chase Bank building). So much fun to catch up with girlfriends (last time before heading to Mrs. A) and even ran into Jill Brown, Mrs. Kentucky 1989!

Saturday August 22 - Another bright and EARLY morning!!! Today brings a photoshoot with photographer Jerame Stephens ( for Tres Chic Boutique!!!! Love working with Deata, Shelby, Logan, and Jerame for some GREAT shots.

Tuesday August 25 - Boxes are packed and ready to head to Tucson AZ. THANK YOU to Bruce &UPS Hamburg Store for sponsoring my shipping to Mrs. America.

Wednesday August 26 - Only 5 days until I leave for Mrs. America. It is time to attend to all the last minute details with a trip to Louisville.
*First stop: Makers Mark (yes, Bourbon!) to pick up gifts for my 50 fellow Mrs. America delegates as well as gifts for the mayor of Tucson and the host hotel general manager. Thank you Makers Mark!!
*Second stop: Cut and Color with Jo Ann at Jr.'s Salon - HOT!
*Third stop: IMAAGE for an amazing facial with Erica ;) This is my first visit to Imaage ( This full service facility is state of the art. I can't wait to return!


  1. Christy, When you step off that plane in Tuscon, stop and take a deep breath. Look around you and savor every day of every minute at Mrs. America. It is an absolutely amazing experience.

    Will you blog while you're there? Hopefully, you'll be able to post pictures and tell us what you did every single day. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great time and I am rooting for you!



  2. Christy, I am so proud of you! As you leave today, know you have a lot of fans here in Kentucky thinking of you. I know you will "knock them dead"
    Love ya