Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday November 2 - This weekend I will be in Chicago! I am a Jazzercise Instructor and owner of Woodhill Jazzercise Center in Lexington. This weekend Jazzercise is celebrating our 40th anniversary at the "Jazz in the City" celebration. Tomorrow I will take 3 Jazzercise classes with the founder of Jazzercise and 1000+ participants. After the classes we'll refresh and head to the Art Institute of Chicago for a reception. But first - tonight I'll be meeting up with Anji M., Mrs. Illinois America 2009. Can't wait to see her and catch up in her beautiful city!

Tuesday November 10 - Tonight is week 6 of my Dale Carnegie course. At the half way point of this session I am already putting so much that am I learning to use in my business practices/personal life/and Mrs. Kentucky experiences. Tonight we are instructed to give impromptu speeches - I'm told my topic is = politics. I go with the first thoughts that enter my mind and speak from the heart and recieve the Outstanding Performance Award!